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LED custom signs & slimline light boxes increase client acquisition

A common misconception is that light boxes are all bulky. This is not the case.

As the name suggests, the slimline light box range offers a more compact version of the traditional light box. Like a flatscreen TV, the slimmer nature of these LED custom signs does not deter from the quality of picture. The slimline light box allows you to showcase your advertisement, without losing any of the brightness of a traditional light box.

The slimline light box is perfect for many businesses, but particularly those operating in hospitality, where LED custom signs are a must and appearance is key.

When there is limited space available, the last thing you need is a bulky illuminated menu or service list. Slimline light boxes make the most of the space available to ensure your business is easy on the eye, well presented, and pleasant for customers or clients.

Additionally, slimline light boxes are cool to touch. This is an essential element if your LED screen signage is in a location accessible to young children.  The low temperature of the digital signage also means the sign is easier for staff to touch, if need be.

Furthermore, we understand that cost effectiveness is important for businesses. Operating on a low volt converter, the running costs of the slimline light box are much lower than expected.

Other benefits of LED custom signs & the slimline light box include:

  • Easy and effortless installation of graphics and promotional material;
  • A range of sizes to choose from; and,
  • Lockable cases for protection of graphics and promotional material.

The slimline light box also has all the benefits of a traditional light box, including:

  • Producing faster customer processing;
  • Increasing sales;
  • Maximising visibility of the company’s location and message;
  • Enhancing the customer experience; and,
  • The ability to make your merchandise ‘come to life’.

When you need LED custom signs to promote your business, the slim, neat and striking slimline light box is a valuable asset to your business. Contact Commercial Signage Australia for more information on our popular slimline light boxes.

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