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Outdoor LED digital signage gets even better – the latest LED signage is awesome!

Ramp up your LED custom signs with the latest in outdoor LED digital signage.

These LED glass displays not only provide high-resolution quality and brightness to achieve their awesome visual effects, but also the holographic effect to your window graphic is mesmerizing.

Revolutionary Digital Transparent LED Panels are a recent development that allows dramatic opportunities to bring the digital era directly onto building façade, multi level building windows, store and office windows. The Digital LED Glass Panels allow the very building to become a digital surface and screen capable of displaying video, animation, social media, photos, creative animations and video.

Previously people have achieved this with projection with a number of limitations. Now with the ICE Digital Glass Panels any daytime or night time requirements are easily achieved as a digital display capability and applied to any window big or small. They can be easily retro fitted to existing glass facades, windows and internal partitions.

Designers and Architects are beginning to realise that glass can does not need to be a static cladding product but can be the basis of a new way to bring the essence of digital onto the glass window and walls.

Benefits of outdoor LED digital signage

If you want a cost-effective and engaging promotional strategy for your business, then you can’t ignore outdoor LED digital signage. There are so many benefits to using LED signage for your business but here are seven of the best:

  1. Attention grabbing – Outdoor LED digital signage is perfect for grabbing the attention of passers-by, as well as traffic on the roads.
  2. Scheduling opportunities – With LED digital signage you can schedule different messages at different times of the day to catch the attention of different target audiences.
  3. Remote operation: You can program and reschedule all of your messages on the fly, using your mobile phone or tablet.
  4. Low maintenance: LED signage lasts for up to 10 years without needing to be replaced, significantly reducing your maintenance costs.
  5. Engagement: LED digital signage is a new high-tech way to engage with your customers.
  6. Increased revenue: Up-to-date and modern outdoor LED digital signage helps your brand to engage with shoppers, increasing your revenue accordingly.
  7. Customisable: All of your LED signage can be customised to reflect your brand and your messages.

LED signs can be beneficial for any business and are a creative and innovative way to engage your customers and promote your business. For more information on using outdoor LED digital signage  to promote your business, call us on 07 3480 0023 or email us today.

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