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Make your school stand out with digital signage advertising

Digital signage advertising provides a high quality and eye catching promotional avenue for schools and educational facilities.

With the special requirements needed for school signage, it is important to employ the right LED sign shop to ensure relevant priorities, restrictions, and requirements are met.

Commercial Signage Australia can design a range of effective products for your school – including safety signs, promotional banners, LED message signs and 3D lettering – while ensuring your logo, theme and values remain intact.

Whatever your school signage needs, Commercial Signage Australia is here to help. Our team of digital signage experts can guide you on the right choice for your next school project or event signage.

Digital signage advertising makes your facility stand out

We guarantee the longevity, durability and protection of your outdoor LED digital signage, even from vandals and Australia’s wild weather. No matter where you live, your LED custom signs will last for years.

With a wealth of experience in designing, manufacturing and implementing LED screen signage for schools, we understand the importance of advice on safety, compliance, and liability throughout the process.

7 Benefits of digital signage advertising for schools & educational facilities

There are many benefits of using digital signage advertising in schools, colleges, universities and other educational facilities, from cost savings, increased safety, disseminating live information and earning revenue to enhanced learning, portraying a professional image and using an environmentally friendly form of signage.

  • Cost savings: When you no longer need to have big billboards in the grounds or print out circulars for students and parents, you will significantly reduce your outgoings. That doesn’t include the additional savings due to the longer life of LED signage and the lower maintenance that is required over the life of the signage. All of this adds up to a substantial reduction in your promotions budget.
  • Increased safety: When integrated with your emergency alarm systems, digital signage can help to quickly pass along important information to staff, students and visitors, helping to keep everyone away from unsafe areas or co-ordinate an evacuation if needed.
  • Live information: With multiple digital signage advertising platforms across your campus, you can give live updates or reminders to students, as well as promote events, changes to classrooms, end of break times or any other instant messages that need to be disseminated to staff or students across the campus.
  • Revenue earning: You might not realise that one of the benefits of installing digital signage advertising in your educational facility is to earn revenue from promoting other local businesses. You can locate your LED signage close to the entrances of your facility to not only promote your own school’s events or congratulate students on their successes, but you can also use them to promote other local events or businesses, earning a substantial income for your school.
  • Enhanced learning: Large screen digital signage advertising can also be used to present videos or other types of visual educational presentations, a medium that students are already familiar with and comfortable using on their smart phones and computers.
  • Professional image: Showcasing your school, events, promotions and other up-to-date information using a high-tech and innovative medium demonstrates to the community that your school is on top of its game and makes a strong impression on the local community.
  • Environmentally friendly: LED digital signage advertising uses much less energy than other forms of advertisement mediums, reducing your carbon footprint and helping to save the environment.

If you want to ensure your school stands out with eye-catching LED custom signs in Brisbane, call us on 07 3480 0023 or send us an email today.

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