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Specialised LED screen signage for governments and councils

Having worked widely with Governments and Regional Councils, we have the experience to ensure that our LED screen signage meets the unique needs for local government bodies and councils (in regards to budgeting, safety standards, and quality requirements).

As a trusted commercial digital signage producer with years of industry experience, Commercial Signage Australia invests in only the highest quality material. This ensures that our clients receive the benefits of professional LED signage that lasts for many years, handling the harsh Australian weather, and is protected from vandals.

LED screen signage is perfect for promoting community events

Our top graphic designers produce eye-catching LED customs signs ensuring that your messages are conveyed in an effective way to your target market. Additionally, we will advise you throughout the decision-making process to ensure that you are happy with the final outcome, which includes safety, compliance and liability.

At Commercial Signage Australia we only use highly skilled tradespeople and contractors to work on your project, providing a top quality service to every job we undertake. Our Brisbane-based facilities produce digital signage not only for the metropolitan area, but also throughout Queensland and Australia.

Benefits of LED screen signage for government bodies and councils

LED screen signage is a natural choice for government bodies and councils, because it is user friendly, saves money on promotions and disseminating information to the public, can be used to promote community events, display important information, give visitors directions, pass on live information that is relevant to a target audience, and is environmentally friendly.

Cost cutting: Billboards, pamphlets, message boards, temporary directional signs and handouts can all cost a significant amount of money over the financial year. All of these forms of communication can be replaced by one or more LED screen signage platforms that can be updated on the fly and used to disseminate multiple messages at different items of the day, adding up to significant cost savings for local government bodies and councils.

User-friendly: Once installed, these systems are very easy to use, program and schedule, all of which can be performed on the fly using a smart phone or tablet. When you need to update an announcement for a specific group of people, it is so easy to open the app on your phone and make the changes immediately. No fiddling with software or hardware and you don’t need to leave your meeting to make these changes.

Promote community events: You can use your LED screen signage to promote community events, congratulate community members, display the results of an election or survey, and a host of other important information, reaching a large audience every single day.

Visitor directions: Instead of putting up posters which are then placed in the trash when no longer needed, you can use your LED screen signage to give directions to a variety of different visitors at different times of the day. Multiple messages can be scheduled for different times of the day, making your LED signage a very versatile platform.

Real-time updates: If information needs to be passed onto the public in real-time, you can easily use your LED screen signage to make these announcements on the fly. This keeps everyone up to date with all relevant information.

Environmentally friendly: LED screen signage lasts for up to 10 years and uses less power than other forms of screen signage that uses more traditional types of lighting. This not only saves on your power bills, but is also more environmentally friendly and reduces your carbon footprint.

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