Commercial LED signs are ideal for numerous industries across Australia

If you want to promote your business locally, you can’t go wrong with commercial LED signs, both inside your premises and outside on the road.  LED signs are an ideal up-to-date and modern way to advertise your business, catching the eye of people and giving you an edge on the competition. Corporate and commercial businesses can really benefit from quality LED signs to promote their brand, as can local governments & councils, education facilities, real estate agencies & developers, franchises and chain stores, and the mining & construction industry.

The benefits of using commercial LED signs for your business are many and include:

  • Long life – LED bulbs last for up to 10 years without needing to be replaced, reducing your replacement cost considerably.
  • Energy saving – LED lights use less power than other type of lights, reducing your power consumption and your energy bills.
  • Eye catching – LED signs are very bright and stand out against a background of other signs.
  • Impressive – A well made and perfectly designed LED sign is very impressive and gives your business a professional image.
  • Environmentally friendly – Using less wattage than other types of lighting, LED signage is environmentally friendly and helps to reduce your carbon footprint.
  • Low maintenance – Due to their long life, your maintenance costs are significantly reduced over the life of your LED signage.
  • More options: Commercial LED signs give you many more creative options to promote your business than other types of signage.

Standard signage is fast becoming out of date, so if you want to engage your customers or clients, you need to move with the times and give people signage that is attractive, informative and high-tech. Scrolling LED signs that present your branding messages, promote sales or discounts, and can display videos, images or even social media content, all cut through the marketing noise to attract the attention of your customers.

Commercial LED signs are the wave of the future and are the best way to attract both new customers and engage existing customers. If you are in the market for a smart advertising strategy, then Commercial LED signs can significantly increase your revenue, establish your identity in the community and promote your high margin inventory. Investing in LED signage is a smart and cost effective strategy for your business.

To find out how commercial LED signs can help to give your business a competitive edge, call us on 07 3480 0023 or email us today.

Commercial Signage Australia - Industries

Corporate & Commercial

Commercial digital signage make your business go further

Commercial Signage Australia - Industries

Government & Council

Specialised LED custom signs for your government and council needs

Commercial Signage Australia - Industries

Schools & Education

Make your school stand out from the rest with LED illuminated signs

Commercial Signage Australia - Industries

Mining & Construction

Don’t go for second best when it comes to safety – keep everyone safe with high quality digital signage

Commercial Signage Australia - Industries

Real Estate & Development

Investing in top quality Commercial LED signs gets your business noticed

Commercial Signage Australia - Industries

Franchise & Chain Stores

Commercial digital signage make your business stand out from the competition

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